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The fashion, style, and innovation lab in professional hairstyling.
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Discover Stilo

The innovative patented professional method for cutting and coloring! Many creative possibilities, customized results, excellent performance.

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Extra defined men’s looks with the two different Stilo blades. Precision, volume, refinement.

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Lesson 1 – Stilo technique for Choppy Cut with matched color

Join our virtual class: you’ll learn how to realize a fashion hair look with Stilo, from beginning to end!

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Lesson 2 – Stilo technique for Long Shag with modular color effect

A new class to learn, step by step, how to create another fashion hairlook with combined color effect thanks to Stilo method.

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Kit Stilo

With its practical and minimal design, the Stilo Kit comes complete with all the accessories needed to perform cut and color services in salon.

  • Stilo with smooth blade
  • Stilo with toothed blade
  • Stilo board
  • Two rubber layers
  • 40 transparent strips for coloring
  • Two replacement blades
Multi-function b.strong serum
Two video tutorials to learn how to use Stilo
Complete Kit
520 € 290€ + VAT
Offer valid until 31/05/2024
Elegant lines and minimal design: rely on the functionality of the Stilo Kit for both cut and color services in salon.

FAQ: Product Use and Care

Here you will find useful information to better understand Stilo, and the answers you may be looking for on its functionality and usage. If you don't find what you need, feel free to contact us directly.

With Stilo, you can cut and color simultaneously, refining the details of a look in just a few steps. The special blades allow for precise geometric cuts, layered styles, and also overlapped volumes. The Stilo Board lets you work with a transparency and with precise geometric references, thanks to the built-in ruler. Ideal for unleashing creativity or perfecting traditional looks! Stilo is excellent for creating precise fringes and tufts, rounded or sharp, with millimeter precision.
The Stilo method is patented! The special transparent board and the cutting system with blades allow you to design each strand, always having the reference of the sections. You can customize the color of each strand while cutting. This offers exceptional performances, as every color nuance is created during the cutting process. Transparent plastic strips allow you to leave the strands with the color on while you work on other sections without imperfections.
Discover the method and technique by watching our free tutorials! Plus, with the purchase of Stilo, you can access additional contents created with our stylists!
Stilo Carbon Black has a smooth blade, suitable for clean and defined cuts. Stilo Ice White has a toothed blade, suitable for layering, thinning, and refining. Everything you need to create stunning looks!
The blade's duration depends on proper usage and regular cleaning. We recommend cleaning the blade after each cut to prevent hair from affecting its smoothness. Caution! Before replacing the blade, check the wear condition of the rubber layer! A worn-out layer could make the blade cut poorly.
Open the shell covering the blade, clean it with a damp cloth, or rinse it under water. Caution! Always handle the blade with the protective cap inserted for your safety.
Remove the worn head with a click and insert the new head.
In the JFL shop, you'll find all the necessary replacements to use Stilo in your salon. Discover convenience by buying replacement packages in our pro shop, accessible at
Hair Bond by b.strong is our wonder serum, in exclusive preview for you. It's a versatile and multi-functional spray serum, optimized for the cutting/coloring service with Stilo. Sprayed during the cutting, it nourishes and compacts the hair to facilitate blade movements, also providing a protective function on the scales. Excellent as a leave-in before styling or to refresh the look the days after the service, as well as to add hydration to the hair daily.